We want to approach the social networks in a strategic way because we think they are crucial to listen and understand our customers, getting in “humanistic” touch with them. We believe that YouTube is the new TV in the Yoys industry, and Google is an essential tool for the infocommerce. We found in XChannel an ambitious partner that has in its DNA the quali-quantitative approach to the crosschannel mix. Besides that, we strongly trust in them due their experience in the toys market.

Matteo Dalla Villa

Italy Country Manager, Epoch

We are on the best of terms with XChannel for some time now, so we called them with the aim of realizing an innovative strategy on YouTube for Christmas. I immediately accepted when they suggested to make advertising on YouTube Kids, it’s a channel with an audience perfectly in target for us. I’m very pleased with the YouTube campaign results: we beat the goal of 4 millions impressions and engaged exactly our target audience.

Oscar Cinelli

Italy Country Manager, Carrera Toys

The right mix of competence and madness makes XChannel an ideal partner for those companies that want to have a rule in the crosschannel marketing and communication world.

Daniele Proietti

Senior Product Manager, Pasta Rummo

Strategic, innovative and brilliant! A young team, customer focused, on the verge of innovation. These are some of the values we share with XChannel, the agency we’ve choosen to relaunch Acqua Frisia on the italian market.

Licia Fagetti

Marketing Manager, Acqua Frisia

Last Christmas (2019) we decided to invest strongly on Facebook and Instagram, instead of traditional media, in order to engage the Millennials generation in Città del sole’s world. The generation Y represents the present and the future for us, so that we mainly focused on them speaking their language on their medias. We didn’t ignore the other generations anyway. To realize this innovative crosschannel campaign, we have trusted in XChannel, the agency that manages our social network’s strategy.

Graziano Grazzini

CEO, Città del sole

We choose XChannel due to its strategic approach on Amazon Advertising and because they had a good experience in our industry […] our sales grew up recording a great ROI. I would recommend to all the advertisers to consider the opportunity to work with a first-class agency, as we are doing with XChannel.

Luca di Puorto

Marketing Manager, IMC Toys Italia

XChannel is a young, dynamic and professional team. Speaking with them you realize they are so comfortable in the digital world. I had a more than positive feelings with all of them.

Marco Bruno

CEO, G di Giochi

Courage, passion, enthusiasm, competence and strategic vision. An effective partner for beginners in the communication world and for those who dare to question the status quo.

Massimiliano Negrini

Regional Sales Director South Europe, Arena Water Instinct

The perfect alchemy between expertise, professionality, agility and proactivity. The ideal “partner in crime” with which you can make your mark both online and offline!

Milena Corcione

Senior Brand Manager, BioNike

XChannel is a real team! Professional, dynamic, cooperative and with a 360-degree view on the projects. We are conquered!

Philippe Doussy

International Rugby Manager

The secret to success it’s not to create something new but to work as a team maximizing the skills of each player. It’s also important working with humbleness, professionalism and youthful energy: all the qualities I’ve found in Federico and his team XChannel.

Michela Macalli

Sport Manager and FIGC Football Agent

Federico has built a great team: they are young, competent, dynamic and always on track. Working with them is always pleasant and inspiring.

Federica Bulega

Corporate Training Coordinator, Ninja Marketing

XChannel is a very competent and close-knit team: that are preconditions to do a great job. They helped us with expertise and can bring a new vision to you company too.

Luca Baldissera

Sales & Marketing Manager, Zandonà

XChannel: semiotics, anthropolgy and crosschannel marketing all in a team that represents an excellence of creativity and professionality.

Alessandra Guigoni

"Anthropology of Digital Tourism" Professor, Istituto Europeo di Design

With competence and professionality, XChannel brought again Galletto to communicate through the most modern channels and tools available.

Dante Milani

General Manager, Valle Spluga S.p.A.

XChannel thinks out of the box and understand our needs. It strike the target supporting us with innovative solutions.

Michele Tentindo

Trade Marketing Manager, Lindt & Spruengli S.p.A.

XChannel is founded on an unusual mix of semiotic and tech competences. They offer customized, measurable and innovative solutions to optimize the customer journey from online to offline and vice versa.

Luca Visconti

Marketing Professor, ESCP Europe, Parigi

XChannel is made up of brilliant people with brilliant ideas: the most rare and precious resource to compete successfully.

Paolo Guenzi

Director & Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, SDA Bocconi , Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano

A stimulating reality – functional to business – come alive when professionality, experience and passion are merged. That’s XChannel: your partner on track!

Benny Bologna

E-commerce Manager, Meloni Walter S.p.A.

A team made up of competent, creative, precise and tireless people, always looking for the most effective solutions. Their jobs are laudable and leave no room for approximation.

Anna Minoli

Marketing Manager, Micro Italy